I am so excited to offer you all this new, updated website to browse through! Stay with me as we take Becoming Willow in a new direction! At Willow Apothecary we offer most of the same things we did at Becoming Willow, but we focus on health and herbs. In a few short weeks we will have baby plants ready for you to purchase and take home! I will be releasing a list of the herbs, plants, flowers, and veggies we will be offering. We are getting set up to be able to offer you all fresh, healing herbs year round! So yaaaaaay.

Now, of course I still offer my Reiki Energy Healing Appointments! I will never not offer that <3 at the moment they are offered as in-home or distant appointments only. Hopefully later this year that will be changing!

I have it all set up now, or will shortly. So for the rest of this week I will work on adding products, services, and blog posts!!

thank you all for sticking with me through this amazing journey! And HEY! We have some very exciting news we will be releasing in upcoming months!


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